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Back to School Shopping en Français...La Rentrée!

September brings a host of Back-to-School shopping opportunities, from clothing and electronics to the usual pens, pencils, and paper along with binders, folders, and bags to carry these items. Les fournitures scolaries! What a great opportunity to seize upon for a lesson as students have tangible items they can associate with as they learn French.

You can take this beyond learning a pencil is un crayon, but consider differing colors (jaune, rouge) and styles (courte, longue) as well. Clothing gives you a host of combinations with basic colors, styles, types, and sizes. There is no limit to les fournitures scolaires vocabulaire!

This lesson contains the presentation, worksheets, quizzes, and more!

With the great variety of items that a back-to-school shopping list might entail augmenting your lessons with support materials is easy to do. However, if you are lacking the time to put something together here are some other resources to consider.

Using everyday, known, relatable, and tangible items with your students in your classroom can greatly enhance the learning experience through associations increasing retention skills.

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