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Back to School Teacher Gifts!

Ah, Labor Day. This classically signifies the “end of summer” and back to school for teachers and students. These are exciting days as preparations are made. For both new and seasoned teachers, you are heading back into the classroom environment, and you’ve been busy decorating to create a dynamic and welcoming room for your students. You show your commitment and love of your job and profession and take pride in knowing that you are ready to start another year.

Students are out shopping but what about you? Don't you deserve something new and shiny? Well...I have this covered and am happy to give back!


For the virtual teacher, here are your gifts! Here is a collection of Bitmoji Virtual Classrooms, Google Jamboards, Virtual Exit Tickets, and more!

Ah, French teachers, my friends! Here is a worksheet to have handy in case you need a quick activity! Maybe for a sub?

Sometimes the beginning of the year brings some uncertainty, especially with Covid still in the picture. Despite your best efforts ensuring you have everything ready to go you might encounter a curveball and need to fill a learning gap…and quickly. Having backup plans and materials on hand is always a good idea. It allows you to have flexibility in the event your current materials feel stagnant or dated, or you just want to mix some things up to keep learning as fresh and engaging as possible for your students.

Here are some backup materials for French teachers! What about a bundle of resources for La rentrée?

L'alphabet français, rencontrer des autres, Je me présente, expressions pour la classe, les fourniture scolaires and more! The best thing is that it contains the presentation, student worksheet in French, teacher answer keys and so much more!

It can be challenging to come up with new ideas, especially on short notice or in just trying to keep up with the pace of your daily responsibilities. Planning periods generally seem to be taken up with other assignments, duties, or fires that need to be put out. Having quick access to relevant backup materials to augment lessons and keep your students motivated at the drop of hat will help ensure smooth days, keep boredom at bay, and make you look like a hero.

Hit me up if you would like customized materials for your classes! I specialize in digital content but I can do it all! Powerpoints, Nearpods, Jamboards, you name it!

Supporting teachers is our mission at OnlineTeacherCoach! Hats off to all of you and let's rock and roll!



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