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Fête de la joie! Celebrate Quebec Carnaval with these French Class Activities

Bring the vibrant culture of Quebec's Carnaval into your classroom with our engaging and interactive French activities that will transport your students to the heart of the celebration.

Québec Carnaval Winter carnival festivity lesson immerses students in the Carnaval d'hiver in Québec City! Starting with facts on the Le Bonhomme de Neige and continuing with Carnaval traditions and sites to see, this is perfect for a winter trip! French students will learn about L’Hôtel de Neige, La Soirée de la Bougie, Les Sculptures de Neige, and more! After setting the stage, students will work on a web quest to find the answers to common questions about the festivities.

Québec history, culture, and tourist destinations are perfect for teaching an introduction to la Province de Québec et Vieux Québec! French students learn about Les Québecois, Jaques Cartier, Samuel de Champlain, Le Château Frontenac, La Citadelle, Quartier Petit Champlain, La Chute-Montmorency, and more! The presentation prompts students to search for answers to common French questions about tourist attractions in Québec. Also, an introduction to winter sports (sports d'hiver) et Québecois food (la nourriture Québecoise.)

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