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Emergency Online Teaching: Part 3

So, here you are on day 3 of remote teaching. And, it probably still is an emergency. You need a quick guide! Here is a FREE e-Book!

In the last two blogs of Online Teacher Coach, you learned how to set up a place for your learning materials for the online class. In the second of the series, you learned ways of being in contact with your students. This portion will be dedicated to grading and feedback. So, how do you provide feedback and grades without a learning management system?

Microsoft Word

So, the first (and somewhat "old school" ) solution is to just use the "add comment" feature in a Word document. (I know, I know... this assumes all students have Microsoft Word.) It's fairly easy and it works in an emergency. Simply choose "insert" and "comment", save and send back to the student. Though, there are better, more efficient ways.

You can do this in Google Docs as well, of course. But, it does assume that students have shared their online work with you so that you can access it. Not sure how to share files and docs? In Emergency Online Teaching: Part I, I go over just that! Now, on to Google Docs and entering feedback to students. Once inside your student's Google doc, there are two ways to insert a comment.

1. Menu: Insert--> "comment" 2. Comment icon (right hand side)

Google Classroom

Google Classroom, another option that is free to anyone, provides virtual spaces for teachers and students. It is user-friendly, offers not only feedback but also grading mechanisms along with announcements and collaboration. Remote teachers can set one up quickly during times of disrupted learning. In fact, I am offering 5 free one-hour consultations to US teachers, and setting this up could be part of it! If you're interested, simply head on over to and choose "Free Consultation" from the Teacher's Menu.

I thought about adding a third method of grading and feedback but I decided that in a true emergency online teaching situation, you don't need all the options. Just a handy few. Be sure to be on the lookout for the 4th Emergency Online Teaching Blog: 4 to get the basics of teaching live.

Be well and take care of yourself! That is always the most important thing.

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