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Emergency Online Teaching: Part 5

I hope that it's the end of the week for you. You have SURVIVED! This blog article is dedicated to self-care while remote teaching.

I have been teaching online, working from home, since 2005. At times, I allowed (and still do...) my work to take over my life. It's easy to do while working from home because the boundaries are blurry. I have to remind myself to take good care of myself and to carve out time just for me. Here are my top 5 tips.

Set boundaries: Turn off your tech at night or whenever you are not working. If you're like me, I get "pinged" on various platforms 24/7. But, assuming that it's not a true emergency, set some time when you are "off-grid".

Create a routine: Days and nights can run into each other. It is easy to fall into the trap of not having a work-from-home routine. Think about how you will structure your daily activities so that it's predictable. For me, my meetings run early in the morning and late at night.

(My schools and students are mostly in Asia.) So, my

shower and daily prep usually happen mid-morning. I

simply block that time on my calendar each day.

Get dressed: I know, I know...working in your pajamas is fun. And, admittedly, I sometimes do it! But, you will feel better if you get dressed and ready for the day. It helps set the tone of your day and encourages productivity. And, you will just feel and look better.

Exercise: I am guilty of sitting in front of my computer for hours a day without moving. My husband will remind me that I haven't moved. It's actually embarrassing! Make time to get up and move. Find a workout you enjoy. Go for a walk. Keep the blood flowing because

your brain and body need it.

Breaks: I know it's hard but you need to take breaks during the day. Your mind needs to disengage so that you can be fresh for the next class. Teacher burnout happens very quickly to remote teachers. Just do "something else". For me, I go into my garden for a few minutes to collect fresh vegetables in the summer. In winter (which is harsh and long here in New Hampshire), I do something creative for 15 or 20

minutes. Perhaps it is crafting. Or, maybe it's cooking!

Yum! Whatever it is, it will help you stay energized for the rest of the day.

I hope you are not just surviving but thriving and that this blog series had helped you in an emergency online teaching situation. Take care of yourself and be well!


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