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Emergency Sub Plans!

Let's face it...teachers are going to get sick! (Living in a Petri dish and catching every dang bug that went around is the number 1 reason why I switched to teaching online many years ago!)

Copy machine works!

I remember having dumb worksheets that students knew wouldn't matter. I mean, I wouldn't have a French-speaking substitute so I went to the copy machine and prepared the subfolder. I needed something better for my French students. I wanted French lessons that mattered...engaging ones that ANYONE could do.

Not catching any bugs!

Now that I am an online French teacher, I prefer digital French teaching lesson plans. (Okay, online teachers don't really get sick days but you know what I mean!) Even brick and mortar French teachers may want to be able to send something with one click! So, I decided that my goal for 2022 is to create a set of 12 emergency French lesson plans; one for each of the APPLL topics!

This is a BIG goal. I mean, these French teaching resources need to be student-driven. They must include audio, video, Google form links, escape rooms, etc. This will take time and energy. 12 French teaching lesson plans is basically one per month, right? I can do it! As I make them, you can find them here.

What are your teaching goals for 2022?

Here are my other 2022 goals that I am publicly announcing so that others can keep me on task!

  1. Continue to build my TPT store. (Yes, I am trying to build a business that will sustain me during retirement.)

  2. Improve my online French course (I teach undergraduate online French.)

  3. Support teachers with lessons, training, and basically whatever else you need! I even do customized digital lesson plans for French teachers!

But, there is time so why not enjoy the Near Year and refresh?




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