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Halloween et La Toussaint en France

It is "that" time of year. You know the one...des citrouilles and du cidre, des costumes, and des films effrayants. I have to be honest. I love this time of year!

I remember when I lived in France long ago and showed them how to carve des citrouilles (pumpkins). At that time, no one did any se déguiser en costumes but they were so excited that they ended up carving a pumpkin for each holiday...Christmas, Easter, etc. HAHA! They didn't realize that it was only for Halloween.

Things have changed in the French-speaking world and now Halloween is celebrated more widely. But, how, exactly? Let's find out!

Celebrate l'Halloween français and La Toussaint with this Halloween en France activity set. This lesson includes everything you need to teach students about Halloween and All Saints Day in France. The Halloween et La Toussaint Lesson Plan Activity Set includes vocabulary, games, videos, and readings that will thrill your French students of all levels.

I have to admit that I miss taking my children trick or treating. Yes, they are now 26 and 22 so holding their hands while walking down the street would be a bit silly. Funny thing is that they still try to go on their own! I remind them that they can just buy candy but they prefer to return to and recreate their own childhood memories. Can we blame them?

As a French teacher, I just love holidays. It's a time to teach culture integrated with language. But, mostly to have fun!

Why not have a huge bundle of French holiday resources at your fingertips? Your students will love it!

As for me, it's wicked early on a Saturday morning in New England and we have a nice fire in the fireplace. Time for some more pumpkin spice coffee!


Karen @ Online Teacher Coach


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