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Honoring the Past, Empowering the Future: French Classroom Activities for Black History Month

Make Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy come alive in your French class with our thought-provoking and inspiring activities that honor his contributions and message.

Unsure what to do? Short on time and energy? Here are two no-prep ideas to celebrate Black History Month in French class!

IDEA #1:

Introduce La Vie de Martin Luther King Jr. with this intermediate French lesson. Through authentic texts and video, your students will be fully engaged in honoring le jour de Martin Luther King Jr.

IDEA #2:

"Black French History and Heritage": Prompt French students to explore the contributions and experiences of Black people in French-speaking countries. Students can learn about historical figures, such as Leopold Sédar Senghor and Aimé Césaire, and read their works. They can also learn about the cultural significance of places like Dakar and Martinique.

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