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No Prep Way to Get Students Speaking in One Minute

Do you want to get more students speaking at once with absolutely NO PREP?!

Do you struggle with downtime between calling on students to speak French, Spanish, etc? (I mean, let's face it...calling on students one by one takes a lot of class time!)

What if you could get more students to speak French with no effort? Need a quick lesson plan that allows you to take a breathe and have some water? This little lesson plan tutorial will do just that! (All you need is a timer which is likely on your phone!)

"Timer Talk" activity in one minute or less!

So, what topics might this work for? It can be done in any of the beginner French curricula but what about for intermediate French learners?

Teaching French hobbies and leisure time activities? The "Timer Talk" activity could be used with students who are expressing opinions.

Teaching French professions? Use this no-prep activity with your students!

Now, of course, I reference French courses a lot in my blogs. But, this can be done with any subject! It's a great way to engage students in active recall.

I hope you find this useful and fun in your classes too! And, don't forget to create opportunities to make your students do more of the work so that you can take a breath, drink some water, and regroup!

Karen @onlineteachercoach

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