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Online Classroom Management-But How?

How, exactly, can a teacher manage students in an online classroom? #edtech #teach #onlineteachercoach

Let's face it, managing students online is different (but not harder!) than managing a physical classroom. Your view of the order of students on your screen can be different from the order your students are seeing. They may not even be on video! As an online teacher trainer at I love to give out all my ideas freely to my colleagues. One key concept is keeping your students busy and engaged. If you are talking more than the students are doing, you may want to re-think your strategy. Online tools like Flippity can help you do just that. It's easy, quick and engaging!

Random Name Picker

Flippity Wheel

Are you unsure who has been called upon? Do you want to keep students on task with an engaging way to solicite their responses? Simply input the student names in Flippity and voilà! Just spin it and continue class with ease.

Word Cloud

Word Cloud

A word cloud (also known as a tag cloud) is a visual representation of words that students produce. Flippity enables you to create amazing and unique word cloud art with ease. As students contribute to the word cloud, it grows and changes, engaging students in real time. The best part is that the students are doing the work!


Some think that manipulatives are only for brick and mortar classrooms. Nope! There are so many ways to incorporate manipulatives in the online classroom and Flippity can do just that! Simply insert the terms, screenshare, and prompt students to organize!

We hope you enjoyed this blog tip and hope you will come back for more tips and tricks to online teaching.

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