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Spice Up Your French Class: Valentine's Day Edition

January is done! Woo hoo! Let's talk February! French teachers worldwide start planning their lessons with a touch of romance and culture. Valentine's Day presents a golden opportunity to infuse language learning with themes of love, friendship, and French traditions.

Whether you're a seasoned educator or a new teacher looking to engage your students, here are some tips to make Valentine's Day memorable in your French classroom.

1. Incorporate Authentic Vocabulary: Introduce your students to the romantic lexicon of the French language. Teach them endearing terms like "mon amour" (my love), "ma chérie" (my darling), or "mon cher" (my dear). Explore idiomatic expressions related to love and affection to deepen their understanding of the language.

2. Cultural Insights: Take your students on a cultural journey through France's Valentine's Day traditions. Discuss how the French celebrate "La Saint-Valentin" with romantic gestures, exchanging cards (les cartes de vœux), and indulging in delectable treats like chocolates and macarons.

3. Creative Activities: Engage your class with interactive and creative exercises. Organize role-plays where students express affection in French, create Valentine's Day cards adorned with heartfelt messages in French, or compose love poems inspired by famous French writers.

4. Multimedia Resources: Leverage multimedia resources such as French love songs, movie clips, or short stories to immerse students in the language and culture. Encourage them to analyze lyrics, discuss themes, and even create their own romantic narratives.

Now, are you ready to elevate your Valentine's Day lesson plans? Look no further than the "La Saint-Valentin: Valentine's Day Activities in French" resource available on Teachers Pay Teachers! This comprehensive package offers a treasure trove of engaging activities, worksheets, and games designed to captivate your students while reinforcing their French language skills. From vocabulary exercises to cultural insights and interactive games, this resource is your ultimate companion for celebrating Valentine's Day en français.


  • Vocabulaire de la Saint Valentin

  • Revue des nombres

  • Mon/Ma/Mes

  • Pronoms d'objet

  • Histoire de le Saint Valentin


  • Powerpoint presentation for French Teachers

  • Handout game board for students

Students will be able to answer questions like:

  • Combien de ________ y-a-t-il? (Vocabulaire)

  • Comment les Français font-ils la fête de la Saint Valetin?

  • Quelles différences remarquez-vous dans les célébrations ?

Spark meaningful conversations, foster language proficiency, and ignite a passion for French culture with this invaluable teaching tool.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make Valentine's Day an unforgettable experience for your students. Embrace the language of love and learning with "La Saint-Valentin: Valentine's Day Activities in French" today! Visit the link below to access the resource:

Let's make this Valentine's Day a celebration of language, culture, and amour in your French classroom!

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