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Taking Attendance in the Virtual Classroom

So, let's think about the virtual classroom experience. Perhaps you use Zoom or another tool. You only have so much time and you don't want to waste time taking attendance. (Don't forget that is dedicated to helping teachers teach online!)

Imagine if you could automate attendance tracking and see the results over time. Magic, right? And, furthermore, what is STUDENTS did the work?! YES, YES, YES!

Here is how to do exactly that and a free virtual class

attendance roster that you can


Step #1: Make a copy of the virtual class attendance roster.

Step #2: Enter your students' names

Once a copy is made, place your students' names next to each bullet. (You can add or delete as necessary for your class.)

Step #3: Provide students with the link to sign at the start of the class. Once students have "signed in", their responses will be available to you. The best creates a Google sheet by date so that you can track attendance over time.

We hope this free resource is helpful to you in teaching online!

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