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What I have learned about teachers in the past 3 months...

I launched Online Teacher Coach three months ago. Being a teacher (online teacher) myself, I thought I knew what teachers needed. I was WRONG!

I thought teachers wanted to learn to teach online. (And, yes, some do, of course, and there's a course for that!)

I thought teachers struggled with technology. (And, yes, some do, of course!)

Here is what I learned (and should have remembered from when I started teaching in 1992...)

Does this sound like you?

Overwhelmed (excessive workload and not enough time?) Stressed (so many reasons to list...)

Lack of control (over students AND curricula...)

Need support (teaching resources, anyone?)

Every day I read articles and blogs from teachers who are burnt out, ready to leave the profession, and barely hanging on. As an Online Education Program Manager, I often work 16 hour days so I totally get it. I admit I don't have the answer. I wish I did!

Here is what I do know: You have to take CARE of yourself. I know, teaching is a caregiving profession and we often put ourselves at the end of the priority list. But, here's the thing...if you don't, you WILL burn out if you don't.

You need to fill up your cup to rejuvenate. I admit that I don't always do it, but here is how I decompress:

I intentionally do creative things to engage my mind outside of work. Baking, sewing, etc.

I get out of my work surroundings. (I work from home so this is important!) I go camping and kayaking (okay-summer only since I live in New England...)

I listen to audiobooks. (You caught me, sometimes I fall asleep but at least it rests my mind!)

The vision I have for the future is that all teachers will feel respected, appreciated, and honored in a way that allows them space for professional development, a better work-life balance, and time to refresh. This is why Online Teacher Coach was launched! We want to understand how we can help you. We may add more services but for now, we are creating online teaching resources, customized online lessons, and teaching you how to use them.

With that, it's Saturday night and I need to take my own advice and get off the computer. Time for some Netflix binge-watching and drinking hot cocoa!

Please reach out to us if there is ANYTHING we can do for YOU!


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