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The Easiest Way to Get Students to Remember

Have you ever thought about the huge number of French vocabulary or French verbs and phrases that students need to know? (Or, Spanish, English, Science, and the list goes on!) I mean, they remember it initially but what about long term?

I have researched the actual numbers of French words and phrases my students need to have in their long-term memory. Different sources cite these statistics:

  • 1000 words to "arrive and survive".

  • 3000 words to hold a conversation.

That is A LOT! And, here is the truth...teachers can teach over and over but it's up to the student to do the memorizing. That is why I developed a year-long flashcard activity for my French students. Pedagogically, it uses "timed/spaced" review and active recall. Here is a little video I prepared to help you implement it in your classes!

This can be done in any subject area but here is how I used them in my Beginner French Curriculum.

For the entire Novice French classes, we did them on the following topics:

You get the idea, right? I can't go wrong.

** It's pedagogically sound.

** It creates routine in the classroom.

** It gives YOU, the teacher time to breathe at the start of each class.

Imagine YOUR students knowing the 1000+ words in YOUR subject area!

I hope you enjoyed this little video and find it useful. There is more to come!

Karen @onlineteachercoach

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