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The Secret to Remembering Verbs...with a GAME!

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

First of all, do students even know what verbs are? As a French teacher, I often find myself explaining the concept of verb conjugation in English first! Anyone else in that boat?

I mean...students do this in their own language automatically, right? So, when teaching French (or any language!), I think it's valuable to make the connection.

But, that leaves us the task of how to make this automatic in our French classes, Spanish classes, etc. I remember my French students HATING to learn French verb conjugation so I came up with a no-prep, easy way to practice French verb conjugation in class...using DICE!

Me, I liked this activity for all my French classes. I started it in my Beginner French Curriculum, but quickly realized that it can be done with French verb tenses too!

Students love to learn about French food, so why not use this fun activity to teach manger and boire? Here is a lesson made just for you!

Or, maybe it might be fun with a lesson on the French classroom commands and expressions!

After direct instruction on formation, usage, etc. I did this dice activity a few times. I found it useful for automaticity and formative assessment. (I could see where students were making errors in order to modify my instruction.)

A little hint, in case you missed it in the video. When using the Dice Activity in your classes, always preface it by telling them that the dice stay on the desk. "No throwing, whipping, or shooting the dice during the game!"

I hope you find this useful as it's the mission of Online Teacher Coach to make teachers' lives easier.

Be on the lookout for more tips and tricks that are no-prep, fun, useful, and most importantly, pedagogically sound!

Till the next time!

Karen @onlineteachercoach


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