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Students Prefer Online Learning!

Virtual school is not actually new. Did you know that? It's been a "thing" for almost 20 years. (Okay, okay, the tools and apps available to us, as online teachers, have definitely improved, thankfully!)

I think we can all agree that the rapid transition to online teaching and learning during Covid-19 wasn't as smooth as we'd like. I'm sure we can get together and make a huge list of the challenges we faced. Technical issues like platform, tools, and apps. Pedagogical concepts like "Should we lecture in Zoom?" (Hint: the answer is NO!) What about motivation, engagement, feedback, and other important things?!

We are learning that there are many students for whom the online school was very successful and that they actually prefer it to brick and mortar. Here is a recent article on just that!

This month's blog articles will focus on offering up tips and ideas on how to be a successful online teacher in order to serve the students who love online classes!

Tip #1: Develop a Strong Online Presence

Online teaching isn't just about the Zoom session. It's about the asynchronous learning that students are doing behind the scenes. Though we all know that online teachers aren't "always online", develop ways to show your presence so that they imagine you're there!


  1. Communicate how students can reach you. Is it by email? Phone? In the learning management system?

  2. Set up a FAQ section in your course so that students can ask public questions and get answers in real-time from their peers.

  3. Answer their questions promptly. I like to do it within 24 hours. That way, they know you are there and care about them.

  4. Send them video clips of you demonstrating something. They don't have to be long and, in fact, my videos are about 1-2 minutes in length. You can use your cell or a simple video recording like Loom. No do-overs needed. Just the authentic you telling them something to help them learn.

Here is a video clip I did for some of my online teacher clients!

Don't forget that you can always get my free e-Book and courses on how to teach online!

Till next time, my friends! I am already thinking of what you need from me!


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