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Experience the excitement of the Jeux Olympiques d'été à Paris with our comprehensive French lesson package! Designed for easy integration into your curriculum, this no-prep resource includes a meticulously crafted PowerPoint presentation and a bilingual WebQuest, making it a perfect fit for French language and culture lessons.


The PowerPoint presentation features 19 engaging slides covering key vocabulary and phrases related to the Summer Olympics. Interactive elements such as moving flashcards and comprehension questions keep students actively involved and motivated to learn.

Our two-part WebQuest, available in both English and French, allows students to delve into the rich history and cultural significance of the Olympics while honing their language skills. Answer keys and a ready-to-use rubric streamline grading and assessment, saving teachers valuable time.


Topics covered include the origins of the Olympics, Olympic symbols, sports categories, and a focus on Paris 2024 with insights into its history and preparations. Suitable for students at all levels, from beginners to intermediates, this dynamic lesson package enriches classroom learning and fosters a deeper appreciation for French culture and current events.

Don't miss this opportunity to bring the excitement of the Olympics into your French classroom! Accessible, engaging, and educational, our Jeux Olympiques d'été à Paris lesson package is a valuable addition to any teaching toolkit.

Jeux Olympiques d'été à Paris Lesson Package

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