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Fall in Love with French: Creative Classroom Activities for Valentine's Day

Spice up your Valentine's Day French classes with these fun and engaging activities designed to bring language learning to life!

Here are 5 NO-PREP French Valentine's Activities for class.

  1. Create Valentine's Day cards in French using vocabulary and grammar learned in class.

  2. Write a French love letter or poem.

  3. Research and present on French Valentine's Day traditions and customs.

  4. Create a French Valentine's Day skit or play with classmates to practice acting and speaking skills.

  5. Use a grab-and-go lesson plan to teach all of the above with NO WORK!

Not sure where to find a no-prep lesson plan on Valentine's Day activities in French? Got it covered!

Imagine having a French Valentine's PowerPoint, French Valentine's worksheets, and games all in one! And, what if you could incorporate these topics all while celebrating La Saint Valentin in French class?

  • Vocabulaire de la Saint Valentin

  • Revue des nombres

  • Mon/Ma/Mes

  • Pronoms d'objet

  • Histoire de le Saint Valentin

Mes amis, I love making your life easier! What other types of French lesson plans do you need? I offer customized French lesson plans. Take a peek and reach out with your request!

Karen with Online Teacher Coach

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